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    Kate Spade cedar street tavy

Kate Spade cedar street tavy


the cedar street tavy is part card-holder, part wallet, and perfect for those nights when you're carrying a small bag and can't be weighed down by a big billfold.

buy spade metals have drastically changed. A sense of nostalgia, old world glamour, and (dare I say?) the newly coined "glamily" room all inspire the re introduction of metals like brass, copper, and rose gold into our living spaces. Mixing metallic finishes is no longer taboo, so mix and match to your heart's content, but remember some basic rules. It's best to mix warm tones (gold, brass, copper) with cool ones (chrome, silver, nickel), otherwise the design can become a little overwhelming.

Metals pair well and pare down with natural fibers, neutral colors, and faux fur (also a hot winter trend). Remember to not just mix metals, but mix finishes too. Combining polished metals with hammered, brushed, or matte metallics helps achieve balance and harmony within a space.

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