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    Kate Spade magnolia bakery cherry on top coin purse

Kate Spade magnolia bakery cherry on top coin purse


treat yourself: this cherry-bedecked coin purse, part of our limited-edition magnolia bakery collection, is every bit as joy-producing as the iconic sweetshop that inspired it.

11 Stylish TV Characters Whose Closets We Want To Raid Ever see an outfit on a TV show, instantly think "I want that," and then scrounge the internet until you find a cheap look alike? Regardless their age, status or job, characters on television almost always end up wearing clothing that we wish we had in our closets.

From designer brands to perfectly fitted skirts, sleek pants and glam glasses, some fictional characters just have it all. A wardrobe like this is possible when it's, well, fiction. Luckily, websites like WornOnTV, ShopYourTV kate spade nearby and Spylight round up these stunning items we see on TV, showing the true prices behind our dream outfits and kate spade space making us shed a single tear. But not to fret! More often than not, these sites provide a similar item for a price that suits us better, making our closets just a bit more similar to our favourite characters'. So who makes our list for most kate spade outlet sale dates enviable TV wardrobes? Check it out below! For the cotillion episode, "Gossip Girl" costume designer Eric Daman designed Blair's dress on his own. He told New York magazine, "[It] was actually the first dress I ever got to design myself for the series. I was given [an] advance notice from the producers that this was coming down the pipeline and it might be nice to design something that was extra special. So in three days we made this gown. [Blair's] mom Eleanor had supposedly designed it, and Eleanor is based on Carolina Herrera a little bit, so I was cheap kate spade gifts doing a little vintage Carolina.

But I wanted Blair Waldorf to have this big bow, so I had a giant bow on the shoulder. I really wanted Blair's dress to be Marie Antoinette inspired.".

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