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    Kate Spade cedar street stacy

Kate Spade cedar street stacy


stack the deck with our stacy wallet: a slim continental wallet we've filled with 12 handy card slots (plus 4 billfold compartments and an id window) so that you can have all your cards and carry them, too.

in a metallic black halter looking fierce and back to her roots hardcore sexy. Also rocking Packham was Ashlee Simpson (Ashlee Simpson??) in a rather goth looking getup that oddly seemed to work because of that fabulous sparkle and shine. Recently, we have been seeing more black in the home, which I am a huge fan of. While we love black in fashion, most are always so afraid of using black in the home. I say, don't be. Black paints, accessories, high gloss black furnishings. I think we are finally ready to take more risks of this kind. And lastly, my personal favorite look: bright, bold color. Thank you Michelle Williams and Valentino for bringing us the perfect shade of red, like only Mr. Valentino can. Emily Blunt radiated in emerald green Oscar de la Renta and Sofia Vergara worked that hot pink Marchesa like a pro. They all looked beautiful, healthy and confident. That's what bright color says. You cannot hide in a magenta dress, after all. It says, "I want to make a statement" in a happy way. I think this is why we are seeing, and will continue to see, these similar looks in the home. The way to avoid having a home that looks like a bag of Skittles exploded on Rainbow Brite is to pick and choose carefully and then take something away at the last minute. Sort of how we wish Kristin Wiig did with that choker. ugh, sorry! Push the limit and then go back and exercise a tad of restraint. Pillows, rugs, throws, a chair, a desk or a piece of art. Look at designers like Jonathan Adler and Kate Spade and Valentino.

We will continue to see more color in the home. As for Tangerine cheap kate spade crossbody bags Tango, we're still figuring out that one. But, it's only January.

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