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    Kate Spade cedar street magnolia

Kate Spade cedar street magnolia


our simple cross-body bag with a large flap magnetic closure is a go-anywhere, take-everywhere essential. whether you pair it with a printed day dress, or jeans and a tee, it adds a dose of classic practicality.

kate spade new york store of material life." I have never made a mandala, but I have made several holiday displays. I've painstakingly arranged knickknack after cutesy wineglass after dog costume into Pinterest worthy displays of wasting your money, only to have four bored teenage girls wreck it all in five minutes. For your first few shifts, you might be tempted to go into a murderous rage and try to stab someone with a polka dot corkscrew designed to make wine moms feel kate spade bags on sale cutesy about their alcoholism. However, take a minute to reflect on your current financial situation, and let that deaden your soul enough to remind you that change is inevitable and out of your control. We are all specks in the grand scheme of things, and this job is but a speck in the grand scheme of your life. However, you better rebuild that shit right quick before your manager Carol returns from her lunch break. Carol, who is not as enlightened as you on the speck spectrum, operates on the idea that a speck on your file is called a demerit, and the accumulation of three of them is grounds for dismissal. No zen at all, that woman. She's kind of a drag. Every human is a special snowflake comprised of trillions of tiny, varying decisions and life circumstances that made them who they are. I don't believe that all people are the same. What I do believe is that people often act in incredibly similar ways in certain situations. Often, they act in similarly assholish ways. This is why you have to unfriend your co worker who won't stop sharing retail memes about people saying "There's no price tag. There's no break room. Anyway, you learn a lot about people by watching them idly have fun while you stand in uncomfortable flats for seven hour shifts. When I worked for a chain retailer which we'll call Francesco's, I became wonderfully skilled at figuring out what guests wanted when they gave me the absolute shittiest information. Going to a wedding, you say? No idea if it's indoors, outdoors, casual, anything? Excellent. Let me show you to a random assortment of dresses I have right over here. Not sure of your girlfriend's size? Can't give me any description of her body type, or what she likes in general? Fantastic. Let's stick with jewelry, because I literally cannot help you. Don't know your own fucking shoe size and want to be really rude about it? kate spade factory website Not a problem, ma'am, right this way. As a self defense mechanism against people treating you like shit all day, you get really good at being rude enough to shitty customers to keep yourself sane while also maintaining a facade of unfailing politeness so that they can't rat you out to the manager. The only reason I started giving a fuck about my eyebrows was because it made hate smiling at customers more enjoyable for me. A delicate eyebrow arch and hate smizing goes a long way. The first page of my employee handbook was entirely about smiling in every situation possible, including on the phone. In order to do my job correctly, I have to smile at you, even if you're being a complete jackoff asshat. If you've never thought smiling could be a hateful gesture, you've never dealt with someone yelling at you about a 30 day return policy on the 31st day. Hate smizing also is a crucial skill when gross dads hit on you.

Up until the point where they physically try to hurt you, you have to be friendly and bubbly, even if they're staring at your tits and asking you about lingerie you don't sell. They're probably the husband of the woman with the blonde "I yell at my son's teachers about his behavior" bob haircut from earlier. You still have to grin at them like you're just thrilled they're taking an interest in the store's products.

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