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    Kate Spade all that glitters small harmony

Kate Spade all that glitters small harmony


designed with your daily routine in mind, our small harmony features a simple, classic silhouette that?s nothing short of chic. this new version, though, also makes a sparkling statement, enabling you to stylishly announce your love of the color...

6 reasons to grow your own food It's gardening season and there's been a major push lately by people who are interested in getting their hands in some dirt and creating a meal.

Gardening is good, for both the heart and soul but kate spread with the evolution of how people live today the influx of sky high condos and the ever shrinking backyard it's getting harder and harder to hoe the earth and wait for its bounty. Enter gardening guru Frank Ferragine, known to thousands across Canada as Frankie Flower. He reaches thousands of Canadians weekly some say the figure is close to a million as the gardening expert and weather specialist for Breakfast Television Toronto, CityLine and CityNews. Using the knowledge he grew up with in the family vegetable and flower biz in the Holland Marsh area of Ontario (and home to one of the richest earths in Canada), his latest tome is full of brilliant colour and excellent advice. Food To Grow offers 400 pages with gorgeous photography and covers 50 of Canada's most popular home grown crops, and offers tips on where and what to grow. The book is certainly a valuable resource for the novice and experienced gardener, and covers such basics as growing herbs in small spaces, harvesting and storage. "I wanted to write this book about growing food because I've been doing it my whole life," says Ferragine, who hails from what he calls a long line of "marsh muckers." "Food gardening gives you control over what you eat when you garden, you can count the steps not the miles your food took to get to your plate." And even with limited space, Ferragine kate spade planner sale encourages people to get out and grow. Research shows there's an increasingly popular movement of people interested in growing their own food, even in urban centres. Ferragine notes that, With community gardens popping up everywhere, the rise in cost of produce, and the multitude of studies exalting the benefits of gardening, growing your own food has never been so much at the forefront of everyone minds. People get excited, notes Ferragine, who is Canada's most followed garden expert online. "But, if not planned properly, you can get overwhelmed when it becomes too complicated." Food to Grow simplifies every growing decision you'll need to make, and Ferragine shows how to evaluate a space, decide on the time commitment each plant takes and then make the smartest choices about which plants will give you the best bang for your buck. Like it predecessors, Pot it Up! and Get Growing!, this book guides you through the entire growing season from prepping and planning, to planting, weeding and harvesting (the best part!). "My mission is to empower communities to grow their own food, while at the kate and spade bags same time elevate the healthy food choices for our hungry," says Ferragine. What should people be looking to plant? "Definitely tomatoes!" AS for condo or apartment dwellers with balconies, Ferragine recommends large pots of 10 inchs and groupings of several herbs with ample drainage. "And always place the plants where there's plenty of sun. The more sun you have, the better it's going to be."Those who have no balcony can check with their individual apartments to see if there are small plots of land available to rent nearby. Six Reasons To Grow Your Own Food "Growing your own food is an easy and rewarding way to get outside and be happier and healthier," says Frankie Flowers. 1. Science shows, it Healthier Studies show that homeowners who grow their own fruits and vegetables are healthier than their counterparts who don garden. 2. Eating More Fruits and Veggies Growing your own food means you have food, and when you have food, you eat it! Your harvest may surprise you, and you could end up with more food than you hoped for, which means you can share that food. 3. You Be Happier Not only kate spade year end sale is growing your own food a great new hobby, the more time you spend with the soil the happier you will be. Studies have shown that organic garden soils have microorganisms can trigger the release of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a natural anti depressant, so be prepared to smile when you see all your fresh fruits and veggies growing.

4. Save Money The prices of fresh produce have seen some drastic increases lately, so growing some of your own food can help you save a few bucks, which you be sure to spend on more gardening tools! 5. Increase Your Property Value Having gardens to grow your own food in will not only brighten up your backyard, but will also increases the value of your home compared to nearby houses that don't have gardens.

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