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    Kate Spade Dipped Leather Credit Card Holder

Kate Spade Dipped Leather Credit Card Holder

The Details

Crafted from U.S. nubuck leather, our Dipped Leather Credit Card Holder draws inspiration from our signature Dipped Coal Bag. The minimalist wallet features two credit card slots and a small interior bill pocket.


15 iPad Apps for Your Small Business Website Let's be honest, my iPad is neat and great for traveling or when I need to get something done in a pinch, but it's not ready for full time Web Design and it really wasn't made to be.

So what happens when I need next kate spade sale to tweak my Website and all I have is my iPad? There are apps for that! Already, there are lots of apps that let you edit Web pages, write blog posts, fix code, start new pages, work on graphics, check stats, and upload the finished pages and files. Not bad at all, and it's only going to get better as developers create new apps and the refine the ones I'm going to tell you about below. Note: I would suggest getting a mini Bluetooth keyboard if you plan to do anything more than browsing or reading with your iPad. I also bought this portfolio to protect my iPad and to hold a few cheap kate spade canada business cards while at meetings or traveling. Here are 15 must have apps to help you tweak your current Website or start a new one kate spade jewelry outlet online with your iPad: The best Google Analytics app for your iPad. Fifty five different reports that fit your iPad like a glove. Analytics HD supports multiple logins and multiple accounts, too. Great for all the metric and stats junkies out there. Price: $6.99 Download It If you know of more iPad apps for Web design or graphics, please share them. While you're at kate spade wallet bag it. what does your Website look like on an iPad anyway? Go to iPad Peek and change the url to yours to have a look. One thing to remember about an iPad is that it has landscape and portrait modes so when you rotate it, the page orientation changes.

Your Website will look normal if it's designed for a 1024 x 768 resolution but if its not, the iPad will scale the site down and offer a magnifying glass to blow it up. Keep in mind that iPads don't support flash. If you have a flash Website or flash elements, you can create an iPad friendly page or site and use this Javascript on the page to redirect visitors to a non Flash version:.

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