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    Kate Spade treat yourself reusable shopping tote

Kate Spade treat yourself reusable shopping tote


?treat yourself? and do a little good for the environment at the same time (parfait!). this nylon reusable shopping tote is ideal for everything from grocery shopping to shoe shopping and easily rolls up for storage.

kate spade wallets on sale shop Just last month, state insurer PICC started offering pet insurance policies that cost as much as $550 a year, state media reported. Yu, who works part time, says she and her husband decided against having kids because they were worried about pollution, food safety, public kate spade clearance earrings order and academic pressure. She's happy to spend on her furballs, and says having pets is much less work than raising children. "It's easy to get in the habit of having pets," she said. "I only have to worry that they eat enough, dress warmly and don't have any major accidents." Yu, 36, even asks friends traveling abroad to bring back the latest in pet haute couture her favorites are Korean animal fashions.

Related: China swaps pandas for uranium in trade deals "The return pets give you is really quite a lot if you're upset, just call them over and they'll be by your side," Yu said. "I'll raise this lot until they get older, and then we'll probably get some more pets.".

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