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    Kate Spade cedar street cali

Kate Spade cedar street cali


depending on how you look at it, our new cedar street cali is either a super-slim crossbody or a slightly oversized wallet. either way, it?s one of our favorite new styles for the season, available in colorful crosshatched leather and perfect fo...

200 rotting fish caught in ghost net on Lake Nipissing NORTH BAY, kate speed Ont. A ghost net with about 200 bloated and rotting fish trapped in it was discovered by several boaters and fishermen floating on Lake Nipissing. Jolanta Kowalski, with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), told QMI Agency staff are aware of the unmarked net found Saturday between the government dock and kate spade handbags outlet sale Manitou Islands and are investigating. "If an untagged or unmarked net is discovered, the public where to buy kate spade handbags is asked not to remove, or otherwise tamper with it, but rather to note the location of the net and report it to the ministry. spread quickly of the discovery through social media platforms. A picture was taken of the large net near the water's surface with white, bloating fish entangled in it. Clint Couchie, manager of natural resources for Nipissing First Nation, kate spade purse outlet online said nets registered with Nipissing First Nation fishermen are equipped with either a numbered white or yellow tag. Fishermen who net are required to report and fill out catch forms.

"Fishermen lose their nets sometimes, but we don't just leave them floating in the lake. We help them find them," Couchie said Monday. "When Nipissing First Nation nets are properly anchored to the bottom you will see a dead head jog on top of the water," Couchie said, adding not all nets belong to Nipissing First Nation fishermen.

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